Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome E's Friends & Family!

This is a site for friends and family of Elizabeth to find how they could best help the Koproskis during E's recovery from surgery and the following months of chemo. We all want to know what we can do and hopefully this can help. A few tips for getting around and using the site:

1) Use the Calendar on the right to sign up for times that you're available for Steve and E to call when they need help. You can "sign up" on days and times that you think you'd be available. None of us can know for sure our exact schedules weeks in advance, so multiple people can sign up for the same time frame - it gives them a list of people to start with when a need arises. Feel free to note what you're available to do - child care, snow/yard work, groceries/errands, doggy-sitting, cleaning. You'll add an event, put your name in "what", your phone number in "where" and add any notes or specifics in "description." Uncheck "all day" to make times specific. (To add to the calendar, email your email address to monikerart at gmail dot com and I'll "invite" you to be able to make changes.)

*Note: "signing up" does not commit you to anything, it just gives Steve & E an idea of who they can call when/if they need help.

2) Let's keep providing meals for the Koproskis. There is a meal calendar set up here. More dates will be added as we figure out E's treatment schedule and what she'll need.

3) A lot of you have asked about food gift cards, which is a great idea. Some ideas are: Milano's, Papa John's, Dewey's Pizza, Chick-fil-a, SmashBurger, Mimi's Cafe, Thai 9 (not so great for the kids, but for a much-needed date night). E does her shopping at Kroger and Dorothy Lane Market.

4) One other note on food. E's interested in exploring nutrition as one way to fight cancer. What she's learned initially points to the benefits of a healthy, natural, no/low-meat diet. If any of you love to cook vegan food (or something healthy and natural and would be interested in sharing recipes with E or, better yet, preparing meals ahead of time that can be frozen (esp individual sized portions), that would be a great idea!

5) If a specific need arises that Steve & E are looking for help with, it'll be posted here - so feel free to subscribe or follow this blog to keep track of that. Other than that, this won't really be an "update" place, as E already does a great job of that with her own blog! We'll try to keep a running list of prayer requests over to the right.

6) To keep the crazies away (no, not you, the other crazies), E's address and phone number will not be posted here. If you need it to bring a meal or help out or whatever, just email me at monikerart (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you would like to send mail (cards, gift cards, notes, whatever) to Steve & E and don't have their home address, you can send it to the following address, attn. Susie Thomas

651 Taylor Drive
Xenia, OH 45385


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  2. Susie
    Have you heard of this:
    just saw it on facebook today & thought it might be worth looking into for E.
    We know Steve from long ago but have followed their lives via E's blog for awhile. We're in Dublin so I don't think we can help much but will be sending gift cards. So glad they have such a fabulous Christian community to love on them.

  3. Thank you Tricia! I'll check out the application process for that website!

  4. Hi! I would like to sign up to take them a meal but it looks like I need to be added to a list or maybe I am not accessing it correctly. Can you help :)
    thank you
    amy meredith