Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You!

It's Susie again. I just wanted to say thank you to all who have given so generously to the Koproski family through this site, personal gifts, and through yesterday's gimmE five campaign, launched by the following ladies:

Emily Berry & Jenny Rapson, Mommin' It Up
Susie Thomas, Here Only
Andrea Deckard, Savings Lifestyle
Cortney Loyd, Evan Has Landed
Becky Dell, Random Becky
Maria Woodall, the BMC Report
Tricia Callahan, Once a Month Mom
Celia Emmons, WestAnaWillGo

As most of you know, E's surgery to get her ports is today and chemo starts Monday. Please keep praying! For anyone who has wanted to offer help and can't figure out the calendar (yes, it is annoying), feel free to leave comments here and I will try to organize them into a helpful list for Steve & E. 

This is where the going gets rough(er). Speaking with E yesterday, I learned that the "effects" of chemo are cumulative, so it might start out not-so-bad, but following cycles will probably get worse. So.... keep praying. And Olivia's birthday is Saturday, so let's pray for a really sweet day for the Koproskis, and especially for Olivia. 

Thanks, friends.

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