Saturday, February 5, 2011

A thought to bounce off of you

hey guys, it's e. I'm busting on here. Here's something a friend brought up to me and Steve and I need to pray about this.. but I think it's worth considering.

We might look into getting a nanny from 9-4 Mon-Fri. So that I don't have to run around and do stuff like get milk etc. She could pick O up from school, put the kids down for naps, get lunch etc.

I don't know if people who want to help would want to pitch in to help us pay for one.

Also, I would love a reference of a young, fun, Christian girl who could help. I would feel more free to really use her if I knew she was getting paid.

Feedback welcome. Am I crazy? Is it feasible? Do you know anyone?



  1. Great idea! I'm in :) Also, I know of someone I trust who is job hunting right she may not be long term, but maybe until she finds her "real" job. Next time we talk, remind me.

  2. Great idea, E! You should set up a PayPal account so people can donate to the nanny fund! I've seen fund-raising campaigns be successful by asking for a set amount, say $4 or $5 - of course people can give whatever they want but lots might be willing to give just a few bucks! I'd totally blog post about it on Mommin' It Up!